Thursday, 7 July 2011

Going Deeper With God

A new venture! I've just set up the basic outline of a new website designed to provide useful Christian resources. You can find it at
More will gradually be appearing there so do check back later. Let me know if there is anything you'd like to see there, suggest new study/seminar topics that could be offered, etc.
Do let your pastors and others know of its existence (especially once there is actually a bit more content there...) so that they might be able to benefit from it too.


  1. Impressive work! And a nice surprise to boot.
    Let us know when you'd properly like it advertised and I'll spread the word.
    I'd advise you get yourself onto Facebook and Twitter, as you'll find them very good sources for advertising. Develop a large group of friends/followers on these websites and the network potential is big.

  2. Some free stuff already up on the new website - Bible studies and Worship Song downloads all as pdf files. Also started adding more seminars to the services page and will be putting seminar outlines on there gradually too - one is already up. No statement of faith yet... can I get away without that one..?!