Monday, 23 April 2012

A Monday Morning Prayer/Rant

A tongue-in-cheek version of what we've probably all wanted to tell God at one time or another:

Lord, is it really Monday again?
Why does it come round so fast?
The weekend never seems quite long enough
And before I know it, it’s past.
I know that we were made to do work,
But why must it be every week?
Couldn’t it at least be a bit more fulfilling,
Instead of looking so bleak?
I mean, it can all seem so pointless sometimes;
What difference could it possibly make
If today I just stay curled up in bed?
At least then I won’t have to fake
An interest in a task that I loathe
Though, strangely, tomorrow I’ll love.
Getting going, you see, is what makes it so tough
And next weekend is just so far off.
Can’t you do something about Mondays, Lord?
Or at least do something with me?
It won’t be long ‘til the next one comes round
And I’ll grumble again - you’ll see!

© Joe Lenton, Apr 2012

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